In addition to the foregoing direct services Array frequently collaborates with other independent professional service providers that operate in areas such as human resources. Learn more about some of our collaborators:

John Webb

John recently his position as Area Manager – S.W. Ontario with BSI Management Systems to join forces with other independent distinguished practitioners in the field of management systems development and organizational improvement.

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Brigitte Gnoumou

Operating in the West African Economic Zone this distinguished professional holds a PHD and provides management system training, consultation and auditing services. Brigitte is multi lingual.

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Dan Laplain

Dan Laplain has held a number of senior positions in operations and quality management. Process improvement experience includes leading projects in manufacturing, transactional and support processes as well as information technology. Prior to forming Advanced Business Improvements, Dan was Director of Six Sigma Services at KPMG LLP.
Alfredo Matos

Alfredo Matos is a Lean Enterprise expert with over 20 years of proven successful experience on providing Continuous Improvement consulting in manufacturing, financial services, logistics and other business arenas, for profit increase through either pursuing cost reduction, quality assurance and/or delivery on time in full. Today he runs OnKaizen, a Lean Enterprise consulting that specializes on Kaizen Blitz events for delivering hands-on training for permanent solutions in a short period of time among other services under the TPM / WCM Umbrella
Denis J. Devos

Denis is an expert in quality management systems and a sought after presenter at ASQ conferences throughout the United States. Denis provides training and advisory services to a variety of manufacturing and service sectors but his largest practice area is the automotive industry.
Dagmara Makarski

DAGMA Inc. specializes in process improvement through establishment and optimization of processes, including developing business strategies with management, implementation and maintenance of management systems, to bring added value and cost-savings to business.